Conduct a Background Check of Your Doctor Before You Pay Him a Visit

Little is known about policies governing the integration of complementary and alternative medical providers. You may not be aware of the fact that the family doctor you are visiting for past many years may turn out to be a fraudulent. The idea behind this article is not to scare you or to make you lose your trust on physicians. Rather the idea is to generate awareness on credentialing and its imperatives.

Credentialing is the process your trusted directory where all the credentials including the medical degree, practice history, malpractice claim of a physician is corroborated. Every medical institution has to ensure that the medical provider they are going to hire is the best and meets all the standards established by organizations such as National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Utilization Review Accreditation Council (URAC).

Lately, U.S has witnessed many cases where medical malpractices have been met by sham doctors resulting in loss of many lives. To snub these medical malpractices, U.S federal government has made credentialing a mandatory process prior to the hiring of any medical provider in medical institutions.

The American Board of Medical Specialists has been established with a sole purpose of increasing public awareness and public education. The public can call at 1-800-776-CERT (2378) and can easily obtain information about the physician’s credentials. Another way to conduct credentialing is through web based credential directory that stores massive information on millions of doctors from all over the globe. You can browse the web site and search by the doctor’s name and you will get all sorts of information regarding the credentials of the doctor. The simplest way to determine your physician’s credentials can be:

1) From which Medical School or Institution did you complete your education or training?
2) Are you a licensed medical practitioner, and have you been certified by the Medical Board?
3) From which medical board you received your license?

These simple but effective questions may help you in ascertaining the authenticity of your medical provider’s credentials


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