Discus Fish Care – Maintain Your Discus Fish

Discussing fish care is not a tough task, however it does take some complicated information and education before you set up for the delivery of your new pet. Two main areas of worry will be setting up the tank for your discus fish and the nutritive things that it needs in its diet to maintain correct expansion and health.

When thinking about setting up your aquarium, some of the things that are going to be considered are the tank size. Discus fish like deep water and are social fish in that they like to swim and are far more comfy in a colony. Because of this you need to get the most important tank that you are able to afford and accommodate in your house or office.

They’re quite active creatures and can become stressed if they have too much occurring in their tank. Be certain to keep your tank as natural as practical as your discus will be far happier if they feel a bit like they are in their local environment. Keep driftwood for ornaments versus plastic castles or mermaids. You will also need to put 2 live plants in there as they help to oxygenate the water and gives them a decent place to cover up.
The water that they live in must stay as clean and pure as possible. Get a test kit from the pet store and keep your water monitored for pH levels, and ammonia.

Ensure you have a good filter on the tank and change it frequently to insure that it’s doing its job. Ideally, you may want to investigate getting a reverse osmosis filter. This works alongside a thin semi-permeable film that will permit only pure water molecules to pass through it and leaving any heavy metals discus fish charter and trace elements out of it.

When thinking about food in respect to fish care, they do need a controlled diet and a range of food. While you’ll find one main food which will contain almost all of the nutrients that they require, mixing it up will ensure that they are getting everything that they need. Many discus fish owners have revealed that making their own discus fish food works very well. Taking the care to make their food guarantees that you get the best ingredients and will insure that your discus fish will get everything it wants. Recipes are simple to find online and not tricky at all to make.

Discus fish are grazers out in the wild and are nearly continually looking for and eating food. For that reason you can be happy to feed your fish a number of times a day. As a rule, don’t feed them more than 5 times in a day, but not less than twice. Their food quantity should equal about 3 to 5 percent of their body weight over the course of the day.

Exercising good discus fish care will ensure that your experience with discus fish will be a good one. These superb creatures are just some of the most friendly and interactive fish out there, but without correct discus fish care they will not be happy and healthy.

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