Is Instant Drug Screening Right for Your Organization?

In the last five to ten years there has been an emerging trend for organizations to employ FDA-approved instant drug screening products as opposed to the escolhasegura traditional lab-based urinalysis. Instant technologies are, by their nature, faster (instant!), harder to “cheat”, and can be just as accurate as traditional drug screening, while remaining far less expensive.

Aforementioned benefits aside, cost savings remains the single largest motivator for organizations which choose to employ instant drug screening as opposed to traditional lab-based urinalysis. As an example, if you send 100 job applicants with Chain of Custody Forms to a lab for a 5/7/9 Panel Drug Screen, the average fee is $35.00 each, totaling $3,500.00. Consequently if you are able to employ an Instant Oral Drug Test at $15.00 each (or less) for those same 100 applicants, you will realize a savings of $2,000.00!

Granted for any applicant whose instant drug screen shows a positive or non-negative result, depending on individual state hiring laws, you may need to send off the instant drug test appliance for lab-based confirmation. But even if one in ten oral screens comes back non-negative, there is no question your company is saving money.

In addition, there is an immediate red flag raised if you attempt to administer an instant drug test and the donor refuses to take the test…

As far as time-to-result is concerned, results from a lab-based urinalysis typically range from 3 and 5 days. Conversely, an instant oral or instant urinalysis result is available within three minutes.

You have probably heard stories about the devious methods in which applicants attempt and do cheat traditional urinalysis. Everything from having a friend provide a clean sample, which they sneak into the bathroom to diluting their own sample to collecting the sample ‘late’ in the flow (the metabolites in urine which cause a positive result are ‘passed’ in the first few seconds). Some even purchase “guaranteed clean” powdered urine.

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