Chiragh Hasan Hasrat as Poet and Journalist.

In 1920 he joined a school at Shimla as a Persian instructor where he met Abul Kalam Azad. He was intrigued by him and before long left the school to meet him again in Calcutta. Hasrat conceded that he had taken in a great deal from Azad, in the field of reporting as well as about legislative issues and writing. jimnews


In 1925, Hasrat joined the paper Nai Dunya (the new world).Here he used to compose a well known segment Kalkatte ki baten under the penname of Columbus. Because of this segment he turned out to be popular and most senior writers acknowledged him.[3]

After that he joined Asr-e-Jadeed as collaborator editorial manager where he composed a humor segment Mataibaat under the penname of Koocha Gard and it further expanded his standing as a columnist and comedian.

In 1926 he dispatched his own abstract diary Aftab from Calcutta. Hasrat likewise worked for Isteqlal and afterward Jamhoor running a mission for India’s independence.[4]

Nehru Report

Hasrat was an ally of Congress and in 1928 he upheld Nehru Report composing numerous sections for it. Since dominant part of Muslims had dismissed this report, backing it made him lose prominence among Muslims of India. Hasrat left Calcutta and joined Zafar Ali Khan’s paper zamindar in Lahore.[5]

Coming to Lahore

In 1929 he came to Lahore to work with Zafar Ali Khan. He composed for different papers in Lahore and afterward dispatched his own paper Sheeraza in 1936. In 1940 he joined All India Radio, Delhi.

Armed force administration

Not long after going to Delhi Hasrat joined the military and quickly rose to the position of Major.[citation needed]


He was unable to turn out anyplace for a really long time and searched for something different.[citation needed] But then his wellbeing decayed. Chiragh Hasan Hasrat kicked the bucket in Lahore on 26 June 1955.[citation needed]


He composed 16 books.unfortunately not a solitary beautiful assortment of him was ever published.[6] Some of his popular books are:

Kele ka Chhilka



Do specialist

Murdum deeda

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