responsibilities pertaining to garage doors

Landlord responsibilities pertaining to garage doors

(excluding negotiated lease obligations)

In general, a residential rental property landlord has a totally different level of obligation than a private homeowner. Anytime a property is rented to a tenant, and several times during the course of the year, a thorough inspection of all aspects of the rental property should take place. The requirement for semi-annual inspections should be written into the lease agreement with the tenant. Landlords should evaluate, document, and photograph the condition of all systems (including the garage door and automatic operator) throughout their property prior to renting to a tenant. They can then compare any change or damage that can be attributed to their tenant, and verify the need for repairs prior to an injury occurring. This preliminary observation is beneficial to both the landlord and the tenant. It quantifies all conditions of the rental property before the tenant moves in, and can later serve as proof if any damage created by the tenant is disputed prior to moving out of the property.

The majority of claims pertaining to these injuries have occurred in rental properties. Some reasons for these claims are listed above in this article. Fewer injury claims involve private homeowners, but these are generally attributed to new construction defects of the garage door and operator or improper installation of some garage door component by an owner or substandard professional service provider.

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