How Do I Put Movies on My PSP – How to Play Movies on Sony PSP

If you own a PSP console then I’m sure you would be tried uploading a couple of movies onto it at some point. However like most people I believe you couldn’t figure out how to get them on there. So for anyone wondering How do I Put movies on My PSP, continue reading below as I will show exactly How To Play Movies on Sony PSP within a few minutes…

You see before you can simply drag and drop movies onto your memory card and expect them work on the PSP you have to make sure your PSP is setup to play movies. To get your PSP setup for Movie Playback you will need to do two things, and that is; setup your memory card for movie storage and download the proper tools to convert your movies into PSP Video Format.

Now the first thing you must do is grab a big memory card, preferably bigger than 2 GB because movie files can be quite large and you probably want to store a few on your memory card at a time. Then you will need to setup that card to be able to store movies, it’s a very simple process and you really gotta do is create some new folders (check the link below to learn exactly how to do this…)

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