Americans currently either pre-diabetic

The American Diabetes Association says, “Diabetes is a chronic disease that has no cure.” Approximately 1.6 million adults a year are diagnosed with diabetes. What is the solution? The solution is each one of us learning how to prevent and cure diabetes. The numbers will keep growing until we start taking the necessary steps to end this epidemic and heal ourselves and our country. There is hope for your health and healing diabetes IS possible. These 5 steps are the easiest way to cure type 2 diabetes. They are the beginning to a life free of diabetes!


You often hear the phrase, “we are what we eat” and this is very true. The phrase that is even more accurate is, “we are what we absorb”. There are two major factors that make it difficult for bodies to thrive and maintain health. They are lack of nutrients and toxicity. In the Standard American Diet we have an abundance of calories with a lack of nutrients. We eat a large amount of food that does not have the nutrients to support the functions of our body

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