Caravan News – Camping Solo is a No Go!

We should live in a society where we always feel safe, but in reality this isn’t always the case. Being armed with commonsense and experience is therefore not a bad thing when embarking on a camping trip alone. As a general belief, “campers are a friendly welcoming bunch of people who are out to become one with nature”, according to, but being aware of possible dangers could come in handy.

More and more women are packing their bags and heading on a solitary journey in their caravan or motorhome throughout the UK, following a trend that already exists in America. The single travel trend is very apparent at camping grounds across America, with one camp site owner reporting that “14% of our park model customers who have seasonal sites are women camping by themselves”. The same site owner revealed that “many of the younger singles live nearby and drive up for the weekend”, which in my eyes is a much safer approach to holidaying alone, as opposed to exploring far away unknown territory without the safety of a companion.

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