Knowing Your Body Type

Have you ever thought your genes were fighting against your weight loss? Maybe you can remember as a child hearing people tell you that you had “big bones” or for my fellow guys out there maybe you spent a lot o time with mom in the husky section of the kid’s clothing store. Well there is something to be said about how your body type affects your weight and what you can reasonably expect from a weight loss journey depending on your body type. Let’s look at the three body types and see if you can find where you fit.

• Mesomorph – if you are a mesomorph you are the envy of your gym, basically your body builds muscle quick and easy and you will have well defined shoulders and chest that is larger than your waist. You will keep fat on evenly throughout your body. Think of the natural athletes you know. I would say there really is no reason for you people to be overweight, I mean come on a few trip to the gym and a somewhat reasonable diet will take off any extra weight you may have allowed to gatherer. However be warned that meosmorphs who do pack on extra pounds do have a very high risk of heart disease so make sure you mix some cardio in with your weight lifting.

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