Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes In Men

Genetic inheritance causes Type 2 diabetes. But factors such as excess weight around the abdominal area, lack of exercise and even the stress of surgery, interact with the genetic risk to trigger the disease. Although it is true people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are found to be insulin-resistant before they actually become obese, sedentary, or undergo surgery.

It is important for men to know the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes in order to lower their risk of developing it. Men over 40 years of age, especially those who are overweight with a waistline of or greater than 40 inches (100 cm), and have a family history of diabetes are the most vulnerable.

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is not able to produce enough insulin or the body is not able to properly utilize the available insulin. Insulin is required by the body for glucose absorption by the tissues and cells. Since the glucose or sugar is not absorbed by the body, it remains in the blood stream giving rise to high blood sugar levels.

The problem with Type 2 diabetes is the body can harbor the condition for years before the individual is even aware something is wrong. The symptoms can often be dismissed due to age, weight gain or lack of physical activity. By the time a diagnosis is confirmed, significant change within the body has occurred

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