Best Health Solutions for Controlling Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol which is found in some of the foods and also produced within the body is a fat like substance found in all cells of the body. Cholesterol exists in the blood in the form of lipoproteins. There are two types of these lipoproteins. They are the low density lipoproteins and the high density lipoproteins. The high density lipoproteins aid in carrying the cholesterol to the liver where it gets removed. connectedhealthcenter On the other hand the low density lipoproteins cause build up of cholesterol in the arteries. Hence, it is essential to maintain high levels of high density lipoproteins and reduce the low density lipoproteins. A healthy life style with good eating habits generally accomplishes this process naturally. But, if you are a person with poor dietary habits then here are some proven remedies to keep the cholesterol levels under control.

The natural remedies for controlling the levels of cholesterol are eating fiber rich foods, regular practice of physical activity, quitting habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption.
It is found that regular consumption of five to ten grams of oat meal everyday helps to bring down the levels of low density lipoproteins by about 23%.
Fish oil supplements are another source for controlling the high cholesterol levels. They even help to bring the triglyceride levels under control.
At times, these natural remedies may not answer the situation and use of medicines becomes essential. In such cases drugs composed of statins are prescribed. However, they are found to show various side effects both in men and women.

Best health solutions for controlling the cholesterol levels naturally are use of herbal medicines. Guggulipid, an extract from the guggul gum, a resin derived from the mukul tree is a proven remedy for controlling the cholesterol levels naturally. It is found to control the incidence of cardiovascular diseases by regulating the balance between the LDL and HDL. The best part of these natural remedies is that they are free of side effect.

Another natural remedy for control of cholesterol levels is use of omega-3-fattyacids. Fish oil which is a best source of omega-3-fatty acid is considered as the best health solution for regulating the cholesterol levels. The antioxidants present in these supplements help in regulating the LDL levels efficiently.

Nuts are generally considered to contain high level of fats and are hence, not consumed by many. But, walnuts which are rich in antioxidants play role in reducing the levels of LDL.
With the fear of increasing the cholesterol levels, many people quit consuming certain types of foods. But, this would only deprive the body of the nutrients present in them. Hence, the natural remedies for controlling the cholesterol levels, is consuming foods that reduce the levels of cholesterol and shift to a healthy living style. If you are not into practicing exercises or good eating habits, it is time to start implementing to avoid major ailments such as coronary heart disease.

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