How to Get Girls to Like You Or the Top 3 Online Dating Mistakes

Dating girls online seems to be pretty easy as you can communicate to many different women in a short period of time.

But most of the men are more than disappointed with the results. Why? Because they “poke” a beautiful girl online, write her a message like “Hi! You’re so sweet!” and never get a response. Or they communicate with the girl online for a while, trying to come off as the nicest human being in the world and end up in the “(let-us-be-) friends-zone”…

So, they are a lot of online top up online dating mistakes you can make. Have a look at the

Top 3 Online Dating Mistakes:

1) Giving her compliments (in the very first messages).

If the girl is beautiful, never make compliments on her looks. She hears (and reads) it all the time and to her you’re just the next guy who wants in her pants. Instead you can use a “neg” like “Hey, I like you hair color. Is it real?” You’re right, there is a compliment inside, but at the same time she realizes you have doubts about her looks. You can still make a small compliment later in the conversation, but try to find something other than “You have beautiful eyes!”

2) Trying to be a nice guy.

The problem with being a nice guy is that in 90 % of the time you will end up in the friends-zone. Save the nice guy attitude for your friends. If you want to attract girls online you got to demonstrate a strong character. Actually, the profiles in which you seem to be an asshole, telling that you don’t care what anybody thinks, that you have high standards and that you’re tired of people with emotional problems work the best. Act like you’re the prize, ask her to tell you what she has got except her looks and make fun of her profile picture (“Did you shoot this picture in the toilet?”). But don’t overdo it.

3) Writing too long messages.

You can demonstrate an interesting personality in a long message, but normally long messages at the beginning of an online communication scare the most women off. That means: Keep it short. You have to demonstrate that you have a real, social life and don’t live online. So after some messages, maybe ten, you can write something like this: “I get pretty busy, so you won’t find me online often. Let’s continue this on the phone, here’s my number. Or, if you’re old-fashioned, just mail me yours.”

P.S. Did you know that your profile picture isn’t important? You don’t even need to post an actual photo!

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