Top 5 Online Dating Websites

What is the best online dating website?
What’s the cheapest?
What has the best results?

Well today I am going to list my top 5 online dating websites, which is based on my personal experience, friends experience and also reviews online. I will supply a link to each site if you would like more information. But this is only a top up online list of my top 5; I will break them down in later posts!

Top 5 dating sites:

4. Plenty of Fish
3. Lavalife -make sure you search countries
2. EHarmony

Best Online Dating Website is….
1. OkCupid!
‘Make Love Guarantee’

You must have seen the adverts offering 6 months free if you haven’t found love in 6 months. is becoming one of the biggest online dating sites available because of the constant TV and radio adverts, but also because it is one of the only dating sites that has more women profiles then men. So if you’re a female looking for love, this is your site!

Best feature- the best feature on is the keyword feature. Think of Google for single people, you can add tag’s to your profile so when others search it will come up with your profile.

Worst feature- No chat or IM. There is no real way of easily talking to people on this site other then email, which is a bit tedious.

Pricing- There is a free option, but this basically just gives you a ‘portrait’ (what they call a profile) It also can stop you talking to paying members which is very annoying. But the prices can vary, once you have found them as it takes a lot of looking. Its roughly 30$ a month but then you can pay for extra features.

So overall Will Rating is: 3.4 (out of 5)

Plenty of Fish
First Free Online Dating Service

This is one of the oldest and original online dating sites available, and the reason it’s still going is because it has had a lot of success. The other best bit about it is its FREE, yes completely FREE! It’s not one of those sites that you have to pay extra for the features.

Best Feature- There are two, the first being it’s FREE because free is always good. The second is the ‘who loves me’ list, this shows you a list of people that has added you as a favourite!

Worst Feature- Not as popular as it use to be, it use to be #1 but as you can see has dropped to #4 in my list. Apart from that it’s all good!

Pricing- zero! Zilch! Zip!

Overall Will Rating: 3.9 (out of 5)

Lavalife Review
“Lavalife is a new brand…a new community…a new world…a new vision for single life. Lavalife is solely dedicated to enhancing the lives of singles.”

One of the newest dating sites around but yet has over five million members. It has three different sections depending on what you are looking for these are: Dating, Relationships and Intimate Encounters! So there is something for everyone.

Best Feature- The profiles are very changeable and you can ‘pimp’ them out to match you. They also use smileys, chat request or voice message all for FREE

Worst Feature-Lavelife is used across the globe and because of this there are a lot of profile’s which may need you to dig through to start finding ones that match your interests.

Will Rating: 4.1 (out of 5)

Pricing- A one month Lavalife membership costs $39.99 USD, and three months is $56.97 USD or $18.99 a month.

eHarmony Review
Use Science to find Love

In 2000 Dr. Neil Clarke Warren transformed the way and used a scientific approach to match highly compatible singles. eHarmony makes you fill out a long questionnaire, when I say long I mean 400 odd questions, which does take a lot of time.

Best Feature- It does work if your looking for true love, OK it takes a long time but the results are outstanding and you will be impressed. The best part is it tells you what things would match you and make a good couple. So it helps for the future!

Worst Feature- Time and money! It takes a long time for results which can be annoying. Also this service is only for heterosexuals, this is because eHarmony use to be a Christian dating site and therefore doesn’t accept gay applications.

Pricing- It is expensive! One month costs $59.95 USD but the longer you sign up for the cheaper each month gets so the best value for money option is to sign up for the year long subscription which costs $251.40 USD

Will Rating: 4.3 (out of 5)
OKCupid Review
“We don’t claim to evaluate you perfectly, but we do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly”

This is the best online dating service, not just because its accurate but also because its fun! It only takes roughly 30 seconds to sign up and once your registered then you have open access to all the features. I also like there aim which is: “We aim to be the best matching service on every front: superior technology, better math, better psychology. And of course, it’s free, unlike all the others.”

Best Feature- The best part if its fun! There are quizzes, tests, intigrates with Facebook and myspace, Stalker option and my favourite the ‘FlagMod’ feature which allows you look at flagged pictures and state wethere they should be allowed or not.

Worst Feature- THERE IS NONE! This site has nothing wrong with it. It allows you to have a quick match which quikly shows you a profile of a ‘match’ or allows you to look yourself!



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