Top Warhammer Online Dark Elves Guide

The third group in the Armies of Destruction is the Dark Elves. Pitted against the High Elves of the Order, they are considered members of the House of Uthorin. The Uthorin is actually a noble family from Naggaroth. Their Lord Uthorin wishes to take the place of the Witch King, Malekith. They were previously High Elves, who worship all of the Elven gods, but they were spiteful and bitter. They are led by the Witch King, Malekith. They worship only the Elven God of War, Khaine. They are stationed in Naggaroth. Their main task is to attack the island continent of Ulthuan while the High Elves are battling against the Chaos army. electronicseeker Having a Warhammer Online Dark Elves Characters, Strategy and Leveling Guide is a good way to be one step ahead of everyone.

They have four career options. These are:
1. the Witch Elf
2. the Black Guard
3. the Disciple of Khaine
4. the Sorceress

The Witch Elf is actually a maiden married to the Elven God of War, Khaine. They fight with daggers dripping with poison. They can win fights quickly and easily. They wears light armor, contributing to added agility. They also wear hooks and metal plates. The second career option is the Black Guard. With looks appropriately pertaining to their name of “black guard,” she wears impressive metal plates and armors that are sharp and pointed all over. The third and final career option is the Disciple of Khaine. These are dark priests handpicked by the god of war himself and they are front liners during fights. They brandish blades and kill of their enemies masterfully. They are experts in Dark Arts as well. The Disciples of Khaine usually wear heavy armors of steel. They also wear masks that partially cover their cold, ghostly faces.

They are said to be against all the other races in the Warhammer universe, but their archenemies are the High Elves. They usually raid Lizardmen temples and steal magical objects, precious stones, and gems. They also enslave Lizardmen. Because they are part of the same the Destruction, they are said to participate in the recruitment of Greenskins as their allies. But they are cunning and they have no problem in killing off these so-called goblin allies if the need presents itself. They are much into gathering slaves. They have gone as far as raiding the Tilea kingdom and Bretonnia to find slaves as well. At the end of the day, they want one thing: to get Ulthuan for themselves. In short, they want nothing but world domination. Warhammer Online Dark Elves character, strategy, and leveling guide will help you with your game.

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