Animated Transformer Toys For Kids – Shopping Tips & Info

If you’ve had your “ear to the toy ground” these days, you will have noticed a quickly growing supply of Animated Transformer Toys being stocked on the shelves of toy and discount stores across the U.S. These are toys based on characters from the “Transformers Animated” TV series for kids on Cartoon Network, and are proving to be some of the most loved (and fun!) toys for kids in 2009.

The toys now – after being released for more than a year – have a number of different collections available including jurnal otaku  Action Figures (as would be expected), along with versions of the toys called “Animated Leader” toys for specific characters, Voyager toys (some of the most popular recently) as well as a smaller version of the toys called “Activators”.

If you are shopping, it is a good idea to take a look at not only the manufacturer’s recommended age for the toys but the reviews as well – some of the toys are meant for older kids as they have more details and parts to handle in order to be transformed, while some of them are simpler in nature and perfect for younger kids to play with, even though there is some challenge in transforming them from robot to vehicle mode. (These tend to be liked my some of the older kids as well.)

Another good reason to take a good look at the reviews for the toys is their quality – a few (not many) of them have received some negative reviews regarding their difficulty level and ability to hold together under play, but for the most part they are known to be extremely high quality and are great versions of the characters on the series.

Shopping Tips:

There are more than a few places (offline and online) that carry Animated Transformer Toys – some of them are higher priced, while some of them have great discounts and more stock. There are a couple of resources I recommend to find them from the most highly recommended merchants with the best prices, as well as totally safe and secure shopping:

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