How to Save Money on Your Local Phone Bills

If you live in or near an urban area, especially one with multiple area codes, it’s likely that you are over-paying for your phone service.

One way the traditional phone companies make huge profits is by charging exorbitant rates for local-long distance phone calls. Often, any calls beyond 15 miles from your home, while local, are charged as long distance. Often if costs less to call across the country than the town next to you.

The old slogan “let you fingers do Your Local News the walking” to call local businesses or friends can quickly become expensive.

Now, thanks to new technology, you can eliminate all those charges, gain better phone service and features for far less cost.

Digital phone service is the solution.

Sometimes known as VoIP (voice over Internet protocol), this technology uses the Internet to carry the phone call from you home to the other person. You basically eliminate the traditional phone company.

You don’t have to sit in front of a computer with a headset on taking to someone doing the same. You can use the phones you now have.

This does require broadband or high-speed Internet service. The good news is that you could add broadband to use the digital phone service, and with all the savings, you likely would pay less per month than you do now. You would gain better, lower-priced phone service and high-speed Internet- all for less cost!

Right now, 89% of all U.S. households are capable of getting broadband Internet and therefore digital phone service.

All your local-long distance charges would be eliminated. Almost all digital phone services include many features such as free long distance calling.

The basic plans cost much less than traditional phone service, plus the taxes are less.

Until recently, there was a problem with 911 working with digital phone service. Some of the irresponsible carriers would sell a person VoIP service without considering this.

That problem is eliminated. Now there is E911 (Enhanced 911) where your number is added to a database so any 911 call will show your address. This is expanding to cover the entire U.S. The responsible carriers will only sell digital phone service in areas where people can be on the E911 system.

If you visit our web site, we can direct you to one of those carriers. We also provide a checklist for selecting a digital phone service provider.

In addition to more features and lower costs, a few digital phone companies are compatible with video phones. These are standard desk phones with a TV screen. Now you can actually see in real-time the person you are talking to!

The family and business applications of this new and inexpensive technology are endless.

For more information about slashing your phone bill and picking up lots of features with digital and/or video phone service, please visit our site.

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