Ideal Beach Holiday Destinations in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost part which is present on the land of India. It is sandwiched between the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. The area is enriched by some exotic and fun-filled beaches which are tripped by the people from all over the world. There are innumerable sea sides which are present on this part of the globe. Spaced out from some ancient and traditional temples and hill stations people love to make an exotic and unique trip at this corner. The next section of this article will deal with the beautiful beaches which are present on this part of country. I hope that you are gratified with the information which is provided by this article.

1. Marina Beach in Chennai
Marina beach is one of the most beautiful sea sides which are present on the Indian Land. This is the main possession of Chennai and the local residents are proud of this seashore. This part of land draws ample of tourists and people from all over the world. It avails them with some everlasting moments which are filled with fun and frolic. I am sure that you will love your trip at this part of the world.

You will certainly love to gaze at the fine-looking panoramas and take pleasure in the noise breaking stillness which prevails all over the isle. There are ample of spots which can be tripped by you. These situates take the account of Senate House, Chepauk Palace and Presidency college.

2. Rameshwaram beach
This islet is situated at a distance from the mainland. The sea side is surrounded from Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar. This is a holy or pious destination which is tripped by billions of Hindu pilgrims all over the world. Spaced out from the holy importance this place has great importance among the tourists who love to rest in the lapse of peaceful atmosphere.

Spaced out from the religious importance, the place has great stillness in the atmosphere which can be notice at this land. The shallow water which is present on this sea side makes it a great seaside for swimming and bathing under the rays of sun.

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