Walking In The Light As Kingdom People – John 12:35-36

To better understand the meaning of the text at John 12:35 and 36, we will examine Daniel 5:14, to appreciate how Daniel, the prophet, was said to have ‘walked in the light’. Scripture tells us that Daniel had godly understanding, godly wisdom, and the ‘Presence of the Divine’ was with him all the time.

Conversely, Belshazzar, the King, can be described as one who walked in darkness. His mind was lifted up and his heart was prideful (Daniel 5:22). ‘Darkness’ in Bible prophecy is symbolic of sin and a certain ignorance of children’s lighting the truth; it also refers to the inability to find the right way.

Proverbs 6:23 and 24 confirms that the light is God’s Law; it helps believers to stay away from ‘the evil woman’. Incidentally, the evil woman symbolizes an apostate Church or an idolatrous woman who draws many into her practices of spiritual adultery. The evil woman teaches false doctrines and ‘flatters’. But remember, according to Proverbs 29:5, the one who makes his words smooth is said to be setting a trap!

Just as false teachers lead believers to live outside the plan of God, even so false doctrines will lead believers to live without fellowship with God. Wisdom says stay away from the evil woman; stay away from the apostate Church!

Going back to the account with Belshazzar however, we note that God had given him light, but he had not benefitted from it. (Belshazzar rejected the light.) He saw what God did for his grandfather but refused to humble himself. Now if God held Belshazzar responsible for the ray of light which shone across his pathway, what will be said to men living with greater light which illuminates the world today? Every unconverted person in this country has more light than Belshazzar did, so it is a very serious thing to reject that God-given light; a very serious thing!

If we walk in the light, then deliverance is promised. This is the reason we need to listen carefully to God’s Word so that we can understand the true intent of the words of those around us.

The admonishment to the Church is:”It is time to cast off the sinful works of darkness and put on the armour of light.” 1 Thessalonians 5:5 declares: “Men choose the night for their revels, but our night is past, for we are all the children of the light and of the day: let us therefore only do what is fit to be exposed to the light of such a day.”



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