Google SEO and Webmaster Tools

Google SEO refers to the process of altering a website in order to get better results in search engines. It is basically optimizing the website in such a way that more traffic is created from all over, leading to more sales for the webmaster. Google is considered the most searched search engine beating its competitors by far. Its popularity can be seen from the fact that almost 90% of searches over the internet are done through Google due to its simple design.

The first stop for any one who is webmastershall looking to get their site known over the internet is Google webmaster tools. It is free and Google does not charge anything for it. This is basically the one stop shop for webmasters in order to get detailed reports about their visibility on Google. The Google SEO webmaster tool basically alerts you if there is a possible error on the webpage and also tells if the pages are indexed. It also gives you details information on search terms and allows you to submit a site map.

This webmaster tool basically helps to increase the visibility of your site in Google search results. It provides detailed reports regarding your pages visibility on Google and sees how your site is performing in the search results. The Google webmaster tool helps you to build a Google friendly site and troubleshoots potential problems. This tool is useful for anyone with a website be it blogger, any IT company be it small or big and government websites as well.

Google SEO webmaster tool helps you to know which pages on your site drives traffic to the most links and which keyword searches drive the most traffic. With it one will be able to see the site as Google sees it, if Google has any problem regarding accessing any of the pages on the website, it will inform the client. You can build a Google friendly site by accessing Google Tools and following easy to follow instructions. The other important feature is that it has many tools including robots.txt analyzer tool which make sure one is not accidentally blocking Googlebot from crawling your website. It also has a dedicated help center which provides guidelines on creating the best site possible. Google webmaster tools is a great addition to your SEO arsenal and if used correctly will enhance many aspects of your campaign, enabling you to draw in vast amounts of traffic to your site.

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