Google Webmaster Tools Offers Geographic Targeting Of Website

If you own a website and you know the basics of the html language to be able to edit your website, it is easy to make extra money online to pay your web hosting fee and keep you site running by adding Google AdSense to your site.

With Google AdSense you could insert ads on you website, placed by advertisers through Google Adwords. Google in this case is actually the intermediary between the webmaster and the advertiser. These ads are what you see on top or on the right side of a search page when you search for a term in Google. justmyfitness They are actually mini-ads pertaining a couple of very short sentences with a link redirected to the advertiser’s website. When someone clicks on the ad, it will lead to the site of the advertiser.

To start with Google AdSense you could open an account with Google, get a code and insert it on your website, where you want to have the ad units. You could add up to three ad units or one link unit on one web page. For the ad units, you can choose between text and image unit, or text and image units separately. Google will take care further steps. Based on the unique content of your site, for example, if it is about home business opportunities, Google will display ads relevant to home business opportunities. This is good for both the webmaster and the advertiser, since the visitors to your site would be interested in your content and the products advertised.

The Google AdSense program will compensates the webmasters for displaying the ads based on the pay-per-click principle. Google will pay you a certain amount each time an ad on your site is clicked by a visitor, and this amount is based on how ‘expensive’ the keywords are in the advertiser’s ad. It is therefore important for webmasters to target for high paying keywords, by optimizing these keywords in the web pages. In fact, there are AdSense websites designed only for making money purely from Google Adsense. Google will pay by checks delivered monthly, or directly into your bank account, when a certain amount is reached. Google AdSense also provides webmasters tools to track a certain ad and monitor the earnings from this ad.

In conclusion, by adding Google AdSense to you website and make sure that your website is rich in relevant contents webmasters could easily make extra money online to keep their site running, next to the earnings you already get from the website. In fact, if you could get a reasonable amount traffic to your website, you could make a nice monthly income with Google Adsense.

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