Sightseeing in Melbourne – What to See

Heading to Melbourne for a holiday but you’re not sure what to see? A great place to start is with a free ride on the City Circle Tram which takes a rectangular route around the city past many of Melbourne’s major attractions along with a dog leg into the developing Docksland area. Along the way, jump off wherever takes your fancy and enjoy an extended tour of the city. The equally free City Tourist Shuttle is a similar service taking a different path through the city passing other points of interest and providing an informative commentary along the way. Nearly all Melbourne CBD accommodation is close to either a tram line, bus route or train station so navigating the city is easy and accessible.

Federation Square is a must see for tourists with its distinctive modern buildings, irregular piazza and atrium. Designed as a public meeting space, it was completed in 2002 and its unusual construction is dazzling to the eye. There are a number of great restaurants and bars in the complex and the nearby Melbourne Visitors Centre is a great resource for tourists.


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