How To Ask Twitter Followers To Like Your Facebook Page?

Give some compelling reasons to your Twitter followers as to why they should join your Facebook community, much as in the example for your blog post promotion mentioned above. A tweet might read, “Great discussion about our newest garden tool range happening right now – get involved! “/yourfacebookpage.”

In addition, don’t be afraid to directly promote your Facebook fan page on Twitter once or twice per week in order to attract new “Likes.” Unlike the approach above, here you simply point people to your page with a message along the lines of “Enjoying our tweets? Why not join us on Facebook too? Click here: “yourfacebookpage”. Create and save 3-4 different variations of this message, so that you don’t repeat the same tweet over and over.

Share your Facebook statuses on Twitter

Whenever you publish something on your Facebook fan page that you think would also be valuable to your Twitter followers, consider sharing with them a direct link to it. To do this, click on the time stamp of your Facebook status update (a grey link that will read, for example, “16 hours ago,” depending on when you posted it, to open it in on its own individual page. Copy the URL from this page and paste it to make up part of your tweet. Of course, customize the tweet to tell users what they’re clicking over to see! Note: As I mention later in more detail, I would not recommend automating this task.

Create QR code links to your Facebook Page

QR (Quick Response) codes are barcode-like square images that, once scanned with a smartphone camera, can link to any webpage you desire. They’re quick to create and can be placed anywhere, either big or small, such as on print adverts, brochures or product packets. While QR codes are useful social media tools, don’t put them in silly places… like your Facebook profile photo! Create customizable QR codes for free at a site such as

Add your Facebook Page URL in your YouTube videos

If you make videos as a part of your social media strategy, throw in a well-timed Facebook fan page shout-out at the end of your YouTube videos, and don’t forget to include it your video’s description too. When you write a URL in the description, be sure to write it out in full, (i.e. ) otherwise it will not be clickable.

Ask your email list to like your Facebook Page

Got an email marketing list? Consider sending a dedicated email asking them to Like you on Facebook – again with compelling reasons as to why they most definitely should. Whenever you send out future messages to them, include links to your Facebook page and other social network profiles underneath the main message.

Post often and consistently: be visible and compelling

Don’t spam your customers with dozens of updates a day; but, just as importantly, don’t leave your Facebook page to dry up. One, two or three updates a day is a good target, but at a minimum, you should post at least a couple of times a week so that you remain on your customers’ radar. The more engaged a customer is with your page posts, the more likely your posts are to continue to appear in their News Feed for future engagement opportunities. Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm filters content into individuals’ News Feeds according to what it thinks is most relevant to them. If a customer ignores your posts for a prolonged period of time (or worse, uses the option to ‘hide’ them from their feed), they will disappear from that customers’ News Feed altogether. Research shows that it is unlikely a customer will ever voluntarily visit your page again to catch up with your posts, so do your best to make sure this situation never arises!

Note: Following the roll out of a new News Feed layout in 2013, Facebook users are able to view all posts from Pages by selecting the ‘Following’ menu on the right-hand side of the site. These posts are displayed in chronological order in the News Feed, so it is important to be visible under this option by posting regularly and making sure that you are near the top of their feed. And since this menu also allows Facebook users to filter their News Feed to view stories from nothing but their friends (zoning out brand Pages altogether), it is crucial that your content is as Solar LeadsĀ  compelling and shareable as possible so that they continue to engage with you.

Focus on your brand advocates to increase reach

With the last tip in mind, the ‘Following’ tab on Facebook is joined by various other filters, including one which displays only content from a users’ friends. That means there is a chance that even if someone likes your page, they may never decide to view content from it.

The solution is to focus on the most passionate fans on your page – the people who like and engage with your content, and tend to share it with their friends. Keep track of what types of updates these people like most; target more of it directly to them. When they share your content, it will appear in the friends-only feed of all of that person’s friends, thereby increasing your reach.

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