Plastic Storage Ideas for Every Room

Plastic storage containers are cheap and provide useful storage enhancements for every room. They can protect your possessions from moisture, insects, dust, and other things that may damage or destroy them. If you are trying to free up clutter from your home, here are some simple tips for making more room in every room using plastic.

The most common place for plastic containers is the bedroom. You can store extra linens, clothes, and shoes anywhere in the bedroom or closet. A lot of space can be freed up by storing containers under the bed or on the floors of closets under clothes that are hung. Use several of them to organize children’s toys in a playroom.

Plastic containers are also very useful in the kitchen. Use them to store unused dishes and silverware to keep them clean and safe until they are used for your next dinner party. They can be used to organize spices and herbs or cooking oils and sauces. Employ them to make extra drawers in you refrigerator or pantry.

Living rooms and entertainments rooms can benefit from plastic containers as well. Make use of them by storing movies, music, and electronics to protect them from dust and moisture. Keep all the pieces of games and equipment safe and together in small containers.

Use plastic containers in the bathroom to store towels and other essentials. Utilize them to organize the medicine cabinet and makeup station. A container in the shower can keep soaps and shampoos organized. If small children use the bathroom, store their bath toys in these containers, too.

In the garage and basement, plastic containers offer protection from moisture that would destroy cardboard boxes. Use large plastic containers on the floor level if you fear flooding in your basement.

The attic is typically more difficult to access, so try to only store less frequently used, seasonal items, or those things you just can’t throw away in the attic. Plastic containers are great for the attic because they are sturdier than cardboard boxes, which deteriorate over time and make good homes for insects and rodents. The containers can be organized in rows, seemingly making more room.

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