Using Large Plastic Jars Outside the Retail World

When you think of large plastic containers and jars, you might think only of the kinds of fixtures businesses in the retail industry use to display merchandise or take collections, such as tips, from their customers.

Below, however, are five ways you can use these functional jars outside the retail world.

1. Use Large Plastic Jars to Take Collections

Sizeable plastic containers work well for everyone from charity workers taking donations to high school sports teams holding bake sales to raise money for new uniforms.

If your church or another organization you belong to is selling hotdogs to raise money, consider using these plastic containers to hold packets of condiments, seasonings, or napkins. If you’re trying to raise money for a charity situation, think about using these containers to collect donations at the registers of your local gas stations and convenience stores.

2. Use Large Plastic Jars to Store and Display Food

Whether you’re in charge of bringing the pickled eggs to the family picnic or you’ve volunteered to run the kitchen at your church’s Christmas party, you’ll find that big plastic containers are excellent tools for storing and displaying certain kinds of food.

If you choose these containers for foods that aren’t protected by wrappers, make sure you choose jars with lids to keep the food fresh and safe. You might want to also consider additional accessories like aluminum or plastic tongs or scoops to help you or others remove the food from the jars.

3. Use Large Plastic Jars to Hold Prizes

Whether you manage a booth at a carnival or amusement park, or are in charge of organizing weekly Bingo games, if there are prizes involved you can use big plastic containers to help store and display them.

Note that if you do work in an amusement park setting, you can even use these jars to hold pieces related to your games such as darts or balls.

4. Use Large Plastic Jars in Your Classroom

If you’re a teacher or teacher’s assistant, you can use sizeable plastic containers to store and organize your classroom’s extra writing utensils, rulers, erasers, chalk or dry erase board markers, as well as arts and crafts materials like crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, and odds and ends such as buttons, beads, and other baubles. You can even use these jars to store prizes such as suckers or stickers you award students for good behavior or excellent grades.

Note that these tips don’t apply only to traditional classroom teachers; they work well for Sunday school teachers, parents who home school, and anyone who offers classes on any subject where small tools are necessary.

5. Use Large Plastic Jars in Your Own Home

You can use large plastic containers in nearly every room and area of your home!


  • Bathroom: Use these containers to organize mass quantities of cotton balls and Q-Tips, or even extras like small bars of hand soap and travel-sized containers of shampoo, condition, and lotions.
  • Kitchen: Use these containers to organize extra condiment packets and plastic utensils you have left over from fast-food dinner nights.
  • Child’s Room: Organize your child’s small toys, crayons, markers, and building blocks in these containers.

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