Pressure Washer Brands

There are dozens of Pressure Washer Brands that have models from the very small models that are great for washing off the lawn furniture to the larger models that can strip paint to the extremely heavy duty models that can clean off chemicals, oils, greases, and other solvents. These manufacturers include:


The ChoreMaster Pressure washers are manufactured by the Mi T M Company, and they manufacture a variety of small electric power washers that range from the very small 1000 PSI that delivers two GPM to the large 5000 PSI system that delivers five gallons per minute, plus a wide assortment of gas and electric models, delivering hot or cold water. ChoreMaster began 40 years ago and maintains reputation for dependability, value, quality, and performance.

Coleman PowerMate

The Coleman PowerMate Pressure Washer is one of the most well known names and their models come in sizes predominately light to medium duty, and some professional grade models. Most of their models range in the range of 2350 PSI to 3000 PSI. The company has been in business over 105 years and has an excellent history of manufacturing high quality products.


The Craftsman Company has been in business for over 100 years and is well known for the various models of pressure washers that range from 1800 PSI up to the larger models delivering up to 3400 PSI. Their models are known for their reliability and durability.


DeVilbiss pressure washers have been manufactured by a company that began in 1888. Their products come in a variety of sizes, and they continue to set the standards and maintain a line of excellent quality products that are generally in the mid-range of products between 2200 and 3000 PSI. They manufacture either gas or electric models.


One of the most highly respected companies in this power washer industry is FAIP. The majority of their models is specially designed for the smaller jobs and has PSI ratings up to 1600 PSI. Most of their models are small, and lightweight, electric powered units that are easy to carry around the property. When a small pressure washer is needed, FAIP is one of the highest recommended manufacturers on the market.


Generac is a manufacturer of pressure washers that is known for their sturdiness and dependability, and they manufacture a wide range of power washers. From their smaller models that disperse around 2500 PSI to many of their large models rated at 4000 PSI and greater for the professions grade cleaning chores.

John Deere

John Deere has been well known for their products since the 1830s and has a great reputation as a manufacturer of power washers. From their smallest products that start at 1200 PSI to their larger models of 4000 PSI and above. John Deere is one of the wisegolfers  most recognized names by consumers for appliances, tractors, and tools.


For a company that started in 1969, Landa has succeeded in manufacturing power washers that are safe, innovative, and have some of the most advanced features in the industry. Their products range from the mid range 3000 PSI units to some large 5000 PSI units that do a great job.


Most people equate Simonize with great cleaning solutions, but they also manufacture some great models of pressure washers that are designed for everything from washing cars and grills to cleaning siding and stripping paint. Their models are generally electric powered.


Simpson is still known as the “Rolls Royce” of power washers. They have a wide variety of models that deliver from 1200 to 4200 PSI and many in between. They are extremely well made and popular models.



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