DeCluttering With a Bigger Purpose

Yes, indeed, there are many many qualified ADHD experts out there who address cluttering with far more expertise and finesse than me. Dana Rayburn and Bonnie Mincu come to mind.

Today, however, I want to explore with you how the act of decluttering literally opened up possibilities for an abundant livelihood for me. Here’s how it all began.

First I made a decision, had an epiphany, an “ah ha” moment or whatever term suits you. It was time to get started decluttering. I had also just had a powerful reading from an intuitive healer who bossily (in a good way) told me that I must do this, and do it NOW. So I put on my favorite Pandora station, and decided to start with my walk-in closet and a goal of actually seeing the floor.

Pulling off clothes from the hangers that I hadn’t worn in years, I began to feel the rhythm and it soon became a game.

Next thing I knew, I had 8 full garbage bags of some fairly nice clothing that I no longer wore or wanted to wear. I actually got paid for some of it. via Craigslist. Suddenly I could see the floor of my closet. A feeling of overwhelming calm and pride came over me.

Then came the urge to do more and more. Suddenly I was clearing my papers. Same thing.

Then it hit me. Why do I need all this stuff. Stuff from my past. Stuff that has kept me in my history v. my present and ultimately my future.

I then had one more big “ah ha” decision to leave Texas and finally go back to where my heart has wanted me to return for years. I had gotten comfortable. It was easy to hide out cocooned in my house. Now it was time to move on once and for all.

After that I decluttered with a Big Purpose. Of course, being ADD, I needed help and got it from a compassionate organizer. So far the entire house has been downsized and everything that I’m taking to Sac (as I affectionately call my destination) will literally fit in my 2 door Honda Coupe. I can always buy stuff I really need when I get there!

Next came opportunities, and more opportunities. I won’t go into detail here, but lets just say that my work has been impacted more positively than it has been in years. Out with the old and in with the awesome!

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