Smart Quotes – The Microsoft Word Challenge

Have you tried working on a Word document using Smart Quotes? What about submitting it online for web content and blog or comment posting tasks?

Submitting web contents or any online writing stuff might give you a frustrating experience if you are not familiar with Microsoft Word’s Smart Quotes. Smart Quotes are originally designed to help your writing task on Word much easier or even smarter that Microsoft technology formats your document this way. This type of formatting uses excessive quotation marks that may not be apparent when submitting your finished document for offline purposes. However, when you submit it online for web content or blog/forum posts or any other web data storage, you might get disappointed of the way it looks and the time wasted for creating such article with bad online format.

You would think Microsoft Word is not a reliable tool here, right. However, hey, wait, this document you are reading right now is actually written from Microsoft Word. So, do you see extra or unnecessary quotes here? Of course, this document never uses Smart Quotes so you can still get the power of Word for your online writing success.

Clearly, you now have high hopes that your document for online submission will soar in greater heights of sweet success without the irrelevant citation script or apostrophe that produce vague effects. So how do you get rid of the Smart Quotes feature in Word?

Here are the easy to follow steps that will help you to get rid of Smart Quotes in Microsoft Word.

1. Click on the upper right corner for more buttons and options while working on a Word document. Click on Word options. Select the “Proofing” options from a new window.
2. From the “Proofing” options window, go to “Autocorrect Options.” You will now be directed to the checkboxes. Uncheck the box for “straight quotes” with “smart quotes”. Uncheck other boxes that you think will eventually complicate with all other related tasks.
3. Go to the tabs at the top, select “AutoFormat As You Type”. Uncheck all the other boxes.

You are now free from all these unnecessary script quotes and apostrophe on your online content. In case you have presently written text, utilizing Microsoft Word with the Smart Quotes option, just press Ctrl and hit F with Word to find each of the apostrophes in your content then all of the citation marks will appear. You can remove them one by one or all at once manually or automatically.

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