The Benefits of Using a Word Count Tool to Enhance Your Writing Experience

If you’re a writer then you surely know that most websites or publications have a minimum word count that you must adhere to. New writers, or even old ones, may rely on counting the words themselves. Today, with the internet and computers then you don’t have to do this yourself. There are a number of websites and computer programs that can count the amount of words that you copy and paste into their text fields.

There are also other programs, like Textalyzer, which counts the characters and how many keywords that you’ve put into the text. It also counts and analyzes the density of your keywords. Using a word count tool is a must for writers, you simply need to cut and paste the text of your article and it shows you how many words are within the text.

Most online article websites require anywhere from 200 to 400 words at a minimum. This website requires 250 and even comes with a word counting tool on the bottom, as I’ve just learned Nonetheless, the internet provides a great service through Java and PHP scripts that are available. There are also scripts to do spell checking and grammar.

In conclusion, it is an invaluable tool to be able to casually check how many words you have in your article by simply copy and pasting your text into word count tool websites. There are a number of these websites available and it is advised that writers always use them to lessen the time that writing and preparing your text takes.

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