Knowledge is valuable

Knowledge is valuable and will save time, stress and money in the end. Invest in an art marketing course, read books, find forums or blogs that are talking about what you need to know. Network with other artists, keep an open mind and be willing to learn. Time and money spent in education will ensure your success as you become a professional artist. Your art may not be all about the money, but if you are choosing to make your artwork your daily work, then the money will make that possible.

Many artists shy away from the business of art because they feel it cheapens their work. In our world respect is earned by those who follow their dream and at the same time manage the business of their lives with integrity and professionalism. You do not have to be a “starving artist.” Pay attention to your business and enrich the world with your art!

Kristin Alexander is a writer, web designer and works in marketing.

For an artist who loves to paint, having a still object provides the comfort level to create a still life art. Still life artists with still objects get the chance to work with accuracy and more control on the subject that is selected. Still life provides the artist with the opportunity to be competent and render their own poetry or even a sense of spirituality with the still objects that they liked to use in their art form. In still life objects look quite natural, but most of them are prudently laid out by the painter.

Still life painting provide an outstanding choice for larger kitchens and living room, bringing peacefulness and serene structures to the walls. Still life arts are mainly effective in your kitchen as they contain innumerable images of food. Since this art is rural in nature, it will depict either a bunch of food items like fruits assembled upon or old country table, with some fresh rustic blooms. This art superbly suits in kitchens that have been furnished in a rural style. Objects like tableware, flowers, or fruit appear to make the best selections for the paintings.

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