How To Bulk Order Jazz Shoes for Your Dance School

For most dance schools, jazz shoes are a key part of the required dancewear due to their versatility. Most schools have a uniform which means that all students will be required to wear the same type. If you’re a dance teacher, it can sometimes be a challenge to ensure that all students do purchase exactly the same shoes and not just ones which look similar. A good way to avoid this is to bulk buy a large number and provide them to your students yourself. This article gives you a few different ways you can do this.

First, you need to decide what brand, colour and style of jazz shoes you want to buy. This is likely to be determined by how much your students are willing to spend per pair. Once you know this, you need to work out how many jazz shoes you need and in what sizes. Don’t forget to take into account that sizes between different brands can differ. Make sure you keep a record of all this information. I usually find that using a basic spreadsheet works well but if you’re not so good on a computer, a simple pen and paper will do the job just as well!

When it comes to shopping around for your jazz shoes there are a wide range of options. The best place to start is usually a local dance shop which you will be able to find in your local business directory. Let them know that you’d like to purchase a large quantity of jazz shoes and see whether they’re able to offer you a multi-buy discount. Local dance shops can be particularly useful for large orders as they can provide a central place for your students to go and try on the jazz shoes. The shopkeeper may even keep a record of who needs what size so that when the shoes arrive, you know that all of your students will have been sized up correctly.

Another option is to search on auction websites such as eBay. You will often find various sellers retailing job lots of jazz shoes in a range of different sizes. The main benefit of shopping like this is that you’re likely to get the jazz shoes 町田 ダンススクール at a very competitive price – far below recommended retail price. Your purchase is also likely to be protected by the auction website guarantee. The downside of purchasing in this way is that it’s probably unlikely that you’ll find a job lot of your first choice of jazz shoes in the sizes that you require so you will need to decide whether you want to compromise for the price. You may also have to purchase any extra required sizes from elsewhere.

The other main way to bulk buy jazz shoes is to purchase via an online or catalogue-based dancewear retailer. Whilst purchasing in this way may not be quite as cheap as buying from an auction website, you can often get a much better price than in your local dance shop. If you do choose to shop this way then it’s usually best to make sure that they company you’re dealing with offer a Customer Services or Sales telephone number that you can call in case you have any queries.

It’s also a good idea to check that they have a simple returns policy so that you can exchange any shoes which aren’t quite the right size.

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