Hot Trends For Prom Dresses in 2009

Prom season is around the corner and if it is not on your mind already it will be the topic of discussion soon. Here is a glimpse of all the hot new trends in the fashion world for Prom Season 2009 trends for all seasons.

Prints, Prints, Prints

Prom season will be extra wild this year with cheetah and zebra prints prowling the dance floor. Designers love of big and bold prints will be especially apparent with all the animal and floral prints. Keep an eye out for all the hot prints that will be making their debut this year.

Sexy Side Cutouts

Young ladies will be showing off their beautiful curves with sexy side cutouts on their dresses this prom season. The dresses will have one or more cut outs to keep the dresses flashy and fun.

Encrusted Jewels and Rhinestones

Watch for the “bling bling” as jewel and rhinestone encrusted dresses make a fabulous fashion statement that won’t be missed. All styles of dresses will be enhanced with some “bling” to give that “wow” effect and have eyes on you all night long.

Vibrant Colors

Prom will be bursting with brightly colored dresses this year. These vibrant colors will welcome the summer sunshine as the school year comes to an end. You won’t be able to miss the cheerful feel of color this year.

Polka Dots

One of the hip trends on the dance floor this year is polka dots in an array of colors and sizes.
Designers had fun embellishing the dresses with contrasting color waist ties and bows. You can’t miss these adorable fashion statements.

Crumb Catcher Necklines

The crumb catcher necklines will be an exceptionally dazzling detail this season. Watch for the gathered necklines in both v-neck and scallop shapes. All styles of the crumb catcher neckline will have that sophisticated yet sexy appeal.

Trains on Dresses

Prom dresses are going to have elegant trains this season for a red carpet feel. Open the doors to movie star flair and let the snap shots begin.

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