3 Ways Renters Lose Money

3 Ways Renters Lose Money

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Are you still renting a home or apartment for yourself or your family? If so, you’re losing money. Besides losing out on making money with real estate, renters don’t get the same satisfaction of home enjoyment that benefits home buyers. If you’re renting, find out how to to buy your own home.

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Are you still renting a home or apartment for yourself or your family?

If so, you’re losing money. Think about these three ways you lose money by renting:

1. You’re paying for someone else’s mortgage payment. You’re missing out on the appreciation that the property gives to the landlord. Appreciation is a term used in accounting relating to the increase in value of an asset, which means in real estate terms, added value to the property. Over the past five years, houses appreciated significantly, making many new real estate investor multimillionaires.

2. Renters don’t get to freeze their monthly housing expenses like home buyers can. Of course, many home buyers get mortgage payments with adjustable interest rates and their payments go up over time. However, these payments will not go up over the long term like rising rents. Just think about how much an apartment costs today compared to ten years ago. A two bedroom apartment in Lake Elsinore, California leases for $1,000 today. The exact same apartment rented for $325 in 1996, when it was brand new. Home buyers who had low monthly payments in 1996, who did not refinance their mortgage, enjoy low payments and don’t have to worry about rising rents.

3. Renters don’t benefit from tax advantages. Home owners get income tax deductions. Tax deductions for interest costs, for instance, save tax payers thousands of dollars.

Emotional Satisfaction of Home Ownership

Besides losing out on making money with real estate, renters don’t get the same satisfaction of home enjoyment that benefits home buyers. Many landlords won’t allow you to paint your walls in colors that you desire. Also, you won’t feel like fixing up the property with custom window coverings and you get little say in flooring materials. Because you can’t make your personal statement, you won’t feel like you’re HOME as much as home owners who feel emotionally connected to their property.

How to Buy Your First Home

The biggest barrier to home ownership is often accumulating funds for a down payment. People think they have to have thousands of dollars for a down payment. However, if you have good credit and a decent job, you can get a mortgage for a home with zero down. And you can finance some of your closing costs as well as ask the seller to help you pay a good portion of your purchase costs. With today’s mortgage finance plans, you may be surprised to find out how much of a home you can afford with payments similar to what you currently pay in rent.

You may have to go out of the major metropolitan areas to buy a home. That’s why so many people commute in Southern California. Affordable housing costs much less in outlying areas. But so do the rents. If you’re renting an apartment for $2,300 in Los Angeles, you could buy a $500,000 home in Wildomar. Our daughter just purchased a home in December 2005 and her mortgage payment, for a 3,000 square foot new home, costs less than $2,300. With her tax savings, she will pay even less than renting a small apartment closer to downtown L A.

If these amounts sound high to you, check your local area. Perhaps your monthly rent is only $1,000 and houses cost less than $200,000. Talk to a mortgage loan officer and see how much of a home you can afford.

If you’re renting, make one of your priorities to buy your own home.

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0% Apr Credit Cards: A Smart Way To Save

0% Apr Credit Cards: A Smart Way To Save

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With the plethora of credit card options available today, you can use plastic to pay off debt and save money. Using a credit card to get rid of debt, rather than rack it up, may sound strange. But it is possible with 0% APR credit cards. All of the major credit card companies offer 0% APR credit cards. They are a great way to save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on interest. If you use them wisely, 0% APR credit cards will help you get one step ahead in the credit card w…

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With the plethora of credit card options available today, you can use plastic to pay off debt and save money. Using a credit card to get rid of debt, rather than rack it up, may sound strange. But it is possible with 0% APR credit cards. All of the major credit card companies offer 0% APR credit cards. They are a great way to save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on interest. If you use them wisely, 0% APR credit cards will help you get one step ahead in the credit card world.

What 0% APR Credit Cards Are

APR stands for the annual percentage rate on your credit card. When credit card companies advertise 0% APR, they are giving you the chance to carry a balance on your card and not pay interest on it. The timeframe for this 0% APR is usually between six months and a year.

Some credit cards only include 0% APR on new purchases. Others offer the 0% interest rate for purchases and balance transfers. With the balance transfer option, you can shift the amount that you owe on a card with a high interest rate to the 0% APR credit card. If you pay off the balance within the introductory period, you will avoid paying high fees in interest.

The savings you’ll receive from a 0% APR credit card can add up fast. Let’s say you carry a balance of $2,000 on a credit card for a full year. If the interest rate is 20%, you will have to pay $400 in interest. This would not be the case with a 0% APR credit card. If the 0% introductory period is twelve months, you will avoid paying $400 in interest. That’s a significant savings!

Read the Fine Print

While 0% APR credit cards offer a great way to pay off debts and save on interest, it is important to understand the details involved. Some companies issue the introductory period based on your credit score. If you have good to excellent credit, you will receive a longer introductory period than if you do not have outstanding credit. Keep in mind, however, that there will still be an end to the introductory period.

This is why it is also essential to look into the “go to” rate. This refers to the APR that will go into effect after the 0% APR introductory offer. This “go to” rate is often higher than other credit card offers. If you check into this before applying for a 0% APR credit card, you will know what is in store for you after the initial grace period.

There are sometimes additional fees involved with 0% APR credit cards. They may charge a certain amount to transfer balances on to the card. Also, the interest rate may be raised if you miss a payment. Some 0% APR credit cards are only available to those with good credit. If you have poor credit, you may be better off with a different credit card.

If you want to pay off some debt or make a large purchase, it is time to look into a 0% APR credit card. You can use the introductory period to pay off balances. Then take the money you’ll save on interest expense and use it for other purchases. Apply today for a 0% APR credit card and start saving.


The Past, Present, and Future of Professional Gaming (MLG)

Major League Gaming (MLG) is the home of professional gaming and it has been since 2002. Today we are in 2015, professional gaming has been around for 13 years and has grown tremendously since it started. The atmosphere, locations, games/consoles, and prizes have all changed in these past 13 years.

When Major League Gaming first started most people thought of it as a joke more than anything. People thought, professional gaming really? Yes really professional gaming was a thing then. It didn’t get a lot of attention from outsiders and or non-gamers, but that would change. The atmosphere at the beginning of MLG was nothing spectacular, the only emotional feeling you could get would be from the players, and the tiny amount of spectators. It was equivalent to watching a sports game with a tiny amount of viewers. Over the time period the atmosphere grew to a whole new level; over time of course. Today the atmosphere is crazy. You can feel the intensity as a viewer, you can see the hype from the players, and there are actual crowds of people watching. Not only are they watching but they are supporting their team, just like a sporting event. Fans make signs, and cheer for their favorite teams and players. Looking into the future, this will only continue to grow. There will be more fans as time goes on and that means more of an atmosphere and excitement. Also, as time goes on new players will come into the scene and add more excitement to the atmosphere. I guess we will see what happens.

At the beginning of MLG tournaments were held in banquet halls. The events were held in these locations for a while. I do not know when MLG had gotten their arena but currently there is an MLG arena in Columbus, Ohio. This is where all the MLG events are held. In the past there were no events in other countries or states. Now there are events across the states and in other countries, during the summer time there was an event in Texas called the X-Games just like the athletic X-Games, but this is for games. The winner got gold medals just like in the other X-Games. Also there are tournaments called G-Finity and UMG. Over this past summer there were 3 events in 3 different European countries. For the future I can see this having some growth. I believe there could be multiple arenas for MLG events and there could be more countries for tournaments. Also, when events were held in the banquet halls players had the monitors and systems lined up on long tables. As time went on and as events were held in other places like the arena, booths were made. Now players are playing in sound proof booths, with a divider next to other booth separating them. There is also a big overheard above the booths for people to watch the game. On front of the booths are the teams logo and name. I think that this will remain the same in the future with minimal changes.

The games have changed over the years as well. When MLG started there games played on the older versions of PlayStation, Xbox, and even Nintendo systems. There were games such as Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Caliber, Call of Duty, and Halo. As time went on to more modern consoles newer games were added and so were computers. Currently there are the modern consoles and computers being used in professional gaming. Some of the games are Call of Duty, Halo, Smite, and League of Legends. This will continue in the future as well. The new versions of games will be played on the new consoles when they come out.

As time went on so did the amount of prize money. When Major League Gaming started the prize money was only in the hundreds. That prize money is divided among the number of players per team. So if the prize was $100, each player only got $25, so not much money at all, it was something but nothing special. As time went on the prize pool increased to the smaller thousands and continued to grow. Now prize pools are in the higher thousands, hundreds of thousands and even some are worth a million dollars. Now if the prize pool is $500,000 the first place team does not get all that money. That $500,000 is disbursed among the top eight teams or so and then broken up based on the number of players.

In conclusion professional gaming has come a long way, going from nothing worth of recognition to where it is today, It is a very successful and entertaining scene. It has had a lot of success and I expect this will only continue to grow and be more popular as time goes on.



Bus Travel Service – On the Rise After Decades of Decline

Brief History

After World War 2 the middle classes deserted bus travel in favor of travel by private automobile, and later by airliner. Just 10 years ago, affluent travelers saw buses as the last resort, a sign of desperation.

Rising Bus Travel 

Today most Americans travel by bus or plane when undertaking long distance travels. High gas prices have boosted bus travel after decades of decline. There are more, and more of briefcase carrying travelers venturing back to the bus, as other forms of travel are slumping. What does that tell us, traveling by bus is on the rise again

Travel Planning

The Bus systems often run on a schedule of some sort, which allow you to plan your travel agenda and book your tickets in advance. Popular routes have buses leaving every couple of hours, generally all day long plus at least two or three buses traveling overnight. Buses in route on long travel tend to make stops primarily in major cities and are very pleasant to travel in. If you’re traveling on weekends or during busy holiday times on popular routes, it is sensible to reserve tickets in advance.

Contribution Factors

The development of traveling by bus corresponds to increasing package tours that evolve every year. In 1983 the number of holiday travelers that participated in package tours was roughly 8.4 million, and has increased each year since then.

A bus requires less energy to operate per passenger mile than air travel, which allows very reasonable fares. No matter what bus route you end up on provides a mode of travel that allows you to view the countryside at leisure, not to mention many small towns between destinations you would otherwise not know existed.

Cities are now involved around the world to improve the benefits of bus travel while they address the issues that have traditionally set back buses effectiveness. For example adding dedicated bus lanes on highways among other plans cities are involved in. This has been great for bus travel systems both locally, and long travel, as they have been able to modify to better promote & serve customers. It allows travel agency’s to offer fewer stops, and take additional efficiency measures to add time saving technologies that make bus travel reliable, fast, and effective.

Other factors mostly influencing tourists’ preferences for bus travel are the good opportunity’s it provides for social interaction and its entertainment value. While traveling by bus you will be surrounded by all different types of people.

There is also a new awareness of our carbon footprint, which has just about affected every industry, in fact if it has not affected a specific industry yet, it will very soon. To that end fuel costs, combined with interest in traveling “Green” have played a big role in the increased interest in bus travel. It is clear the bus is a much greener form of transportation, and as riders return to buses, the old stigma of bus travel is evaporating.

Bus Budget Travel

For a nation that really enjoys there private automobile, they are seeing bus ticket prices that are to attractive to pass up. If you’re traveling independently on a budget, the bus will certainly be a lower cost choice. Don’t worry cheap tickets can still mean high quality bus travel.

A growing number of budget travelers are taking a close look, and noticing buses are an viable alternatives to flying. There are several bus passes available that give you unlimited travel within a given area. Seems they are so cheap, busing around specific regions should be a serious consideration for the budget traveler.

Bus Travel Training

Did you know there are even self-paced bus travel training programs for people who are interested to learn to travel independently using the regular bus system.

As you can see there is a lot of value in traveling by bus both financially, and for the quality of a trip.


How Getting Military Loans With No Credit Checks Can Benefit Military Personnel

Everyone has suffered as a result of the poor economy in recent years, even those of us with a very safe employment status, like military personnel. Thankfully, even if they too have developed bad credit scores, the existence of military loans with no credit check gives them a clear route to vital funds when needed.

Lenders have a very different attitude to loan applicants when they are military personnel, but it not an unfair arrangement. Since military members are employed by the government, their source of income is safe. So, granting them fast loan approval, even with low credit scores, is not such a major risk.

Still, there is criteria that applicants have to satisfy to qualify for a military loan. While these are pretty straightforward, it is always important that applicants examine certain aspects of a loan application before submitting one.

Why No Credit Checks Are Possible

It might seem that lenders ignoring the credit history of an applicant is a foolish move, but in fact it makes good sense. Traditionally, the score was used to assess the trustworthiness of the borrower, and whether he or she is likely to default on the loan. But credit scores are actually a minor influence in the whole application process, making military loans with no credit checks viable.

But there are other reasons too. As government employees, their employment status is extremely safe. Their employer is not about to go bankrupt so monthly salaries are guaranteed. Also, the government is not likely to shed employees either, so they are not likely to become redundant.

With these facts in mind, providing a fast loan approval process makes good sense, especially when the repayment terms see the required sum deducted from the paycheck, and going directly to the lender. Defaulting on these military loans effectively becomes impossible.

Terms To Expect

There can be no great surprise that the terms that come with getting military loans with no credit checks are pretty good. For a start, the degree of perceived security relating to the loan means the interest rate is low. The basic criteria is straightforward too, with proof of citizenship, age, and an active bank account essential.

The size of the loan attainable with no credit check is very different with these loans. While the civilian equivalent is limited to just a few thousands dollars, military personnel can access as much as $25,000. And with the benefits of fast loan approval, this can translate to fast access to funds that can greatly alleviate existing debt.

Also, a military loan is a more affordable option since the repayment term can be as long as 10 years. Thus, the size of the monthly repayments can be kept low, ensuring the borrower meets repayments with ease.

Online Military Lending Options

As with so many financial packages, the best deals are to be found on the Internet. This is where online lenders offer lower interest rates and more flexible repayment schedules, whether to civilians or military members. So, getting an affordable military loan with no credit check is no problem.

However, before setting off to find the best deals available, be sure to calculate your own budget in advance, so as not to agree to something that is a little too expensive. Also, read the small print of any loan agreement. The promise of fast loan approval is fine, but not if hidden charges make the deal a bad one.

Of course, it is always a good idea to get a military loan from a recognized military lender, one that has a proven record in dealing with military applicants. Even if it costs a little more, the security in knowing the lender is answerable is a major plus.



Beginning Life in Moscow

As much as this sounds like an unsuccessful tag line for a dating website, this is my first crack of the whip at online writing for some time. Feel free to shoot me down in fire.

Whilst writing this, I am sat in my spacious (shared), furnished (in the 70’s) and warm (oddly not sarcastic) apartment, situated in a lovely school kind of in Moscow (more on that later perhaps). My two months here so far have bazinga been less of a culture shock than I prepared myself for but don’t be fooled! This place is as different a place as the South pole is from the North… and there are NO penguins god damn-it.

To begin I thought I’d share my thoughts on the mind frame you need to adopt in order to get anything done for you by Russians, whether it be in banks, work or by friends; and it’s less of a mind frame as much as it’s an order. To get anything done, like a crappy 1970’s door, force the bloody thing until it breaks then kick it’s broken shards across the room as in general, NOBODY wants to do anything. Now this may come as a surprise as (again not sarcastically), in general the Russian people are as openly friendly and lovely as any a people you’d like to meet, these virtues however are always counter weighted with their culturally instilled propensity to not engage in anything not worth their time. So my first piece of advice is to make the task (transferring money, sorting out rent, breathing etc) worth their time simply by whingeing SO MUCH that it becomes too much of a problem NOT to do. You may be thinking, “awww maaayyn, this guy is just ranting, what a tit”, but truly, this is the foremost useful piece of advice I can give you in my experience so far and is subject to editing ie. me learning the language later.

There are 4 other ways however you can get shiz done however and like the great Baz Luhrman said: ‘I shall dispense this advice… now’

1. ‘The Blatant Tourist’
This method involves the beauty of complete ignorance which is exponentially more useful if you’re actually beautiful. Essentially, unleash an extremely poor, unrelenting torrent of crap Russian, basically outlining what you want over and over and over again (delete one ‘over’ if you’re really hot) to the person in question. This will inform said barman/bouncer/child with your wallet that you’re a nuisance and you aren’t going away therefore releasing them from their guise of apathy. Job done. Enjoy your pint.

2. ‘The Slimer’
I call this the slimer in part as it involves sticking to people whilst remaining green and also because I am one of this kind in a ‘Dastardly from Wacky Races’ kind of way. In this vein, I was luck enough to be paired with a roommate who speaks both English and Russian and who, for the first few hundred trips into the center at least, has guided me through the hard/medium and easy parts of daily life. Sometimes I allow him to take care of the easy stuff to allow my inner stubborn Russian to breathe of course, purely for cultural purposes.

3. ‘The Bra(t) Pack’
OK nice and easy this one, especially if you’re working with people in a similar situation, but if not you can pick up one of these handy ex-pats at bars in the center, I got mine from Waitrose. Essentially, you will have to become acutely aware of who around you can speak English, form allegiances with them and use pack mentality to charge your unwitting assailant with collective broken Russian, disarming cheesy grins and the fact that you know the Queen. All hail the Queen, she has a use after all. The Bra bit comes from the fact that if there are women in your group, this will lubricate things… not to be filthy or anything.

4. ‘The Master of Margaritas’
Learn Russian, easy. Confound the bus driver/babuschka/stripper with your profound knowledge of their beautifully complex language (if speaking to police though, this won’t work, refer to section 1). You masterful grasp of the language will make the Russians swoon right out of their funk like a stoner with a knock on the door! get ready to get Russian!



Knowledge Is Power For Parents Of Children With Brain Cancer Or Spinal Cord Tumors

As parents, the ultimate dream we have for our children is that their childhoods will be happy ones, and they will grow up to lead long and healthy lives. Yet, every day, across America, there will be nine families whose dreams will be shattered when they learn that their child has a spinal cord tumor or some form of brain cancer. And, by the end of the year, over 3,000 families will have faced that same moment; when time stood still, the world blurred, and their lives changed forever.

From the moment their child is diagnosed, parents embark on a journey that will challenge every aspect of their being – from intellectual and physical, to mental, emotional and spiritual. It is essential that these parents have a strong support network, with family and friends taking on a vital role in that network. Along with that key component, parents also need a structured system that can provide resources to help them navigate the many challenges they will face, and assist them in making the best possible decisions for their child’s health and well-being.

Once past the initial shock of the diagnosis, parents begin searching for answers to the flood of questions rushing through their minds. Knowledge is power, and early education about this disease can provide a lifeline in these dark waters.

There are several good sources for information on pediatric brain tumors and brain cancer, all of which can provide resources for education, assistance and support–

• Family doctors and pediatricians;
• Children’s hospitals and cancer treatment facilities; and
• Nonprofit organizations focused on pediatric brain cancer.

Here are just a few examples of what a parent might find within the FAQ sections of these organizations:

Q: What are the causes of pediatric brain cancer and spinal cord tumors?
A: There are many different kinds of pediatric brain cancer, and their precise causes are still unknown, although research programs are making advancements towards understanding the causes, as well as improving treatments.

Q: What is the prognosis for most young patients with this disease?
A: Current statistics show that one in three patients will survive no more than five years. However, thanks to the progress that has been made in research over the past twenty years, there has been a significant decline in the overall cancer death rates, and it is estimated that there are 25,000 brain tumor survivors in the U.S. today.

Q: What are the treatment options for a child with a brain tumor or brain cancer?
A: Treatment of brain or spinal cord tumors includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, depending on the type, rate of growth and location of tumors. It usually begins with surgical resection to remove all or part of the tumor. Although complete removal of the tumor (gross total resection) is often the treatment of choice, partial removal of the tumor will occasionally relieve a child’s symptoms.

For parents who find themselves facing this life-altering journey, help is available in many forms, and from several well-respected organizations. Whether the need involves education about this dreadful disease, finding sources for medical or financial assistance, or simply connecting with others in similar situations, the resources are available. Reaching out to one of these organizations can often make the difference in how this journey is traveled-by the parents, and by the patient.



Military GPS Jamming Technologies – The Hot Item Globally

Many of the latest weapon systems use GPS to accurately guide the missiles, rounds, projectiles, aircraft, and bombs – this is good because it prevents collateral damage of those who are not fighting, want nothing to do with any wars, conflict, or political impasse. They are just innocent or semi-innocent civilians, and neither side has a beef with them. Of course, if your enemy is using GPS to put a weapon on top of your head, you’d hope they miss, so it makes sense to jam their GPS to ensure they do, or hope they do anyway. Let’s talk.

You see, the US has some of the best GPS, GPS jamming technologies, and anti-jamming GPS technologies, and our enemies and foreign spies want to steal these technologies from us. For two reasons, so they can keep up with our technology or defeat our technology if there is a conflict. That makes sense, as that is the nature of human war machines. Every side tries to get the advantage, and every side tries to mitigate the opposing side’s advantage to their advantage. Let’s continue.

There was an interesting report put out by the GAO in August of 2013 titled; “Next Generation Jammer – DOD Should Continue to Assess Potential Duplication and Overlap As Program Moves Forward,” which discussed how important such systems were to the military, but also how much overlap there was in that regard, especially with regards to airborne electronic warfare systems, and thus, the report’s summary noted the following:

“Redundancy in some of these areas may, in fact, be desirable. However, pursuing multiple acquisition efforts to develop similar capabilities can result in the same capability gap being filled twice or more, lead to inefficient use of resources, and contribute to other warfighting needs going unfilled. Therefore, continued examination of potential overlap and duplication among these investments may be warranted.”

Okay, but, I also believe that lose lips sink ships and that having any sort of collaborative effort gives information away to too many places, and thus, opens the technological secrets for cyber thievery by foreign military cyber commands. The US knows that China is “very interested” in getting better GPS jamming and anti-jamming technologies to upgrade their own military, and that their spies and cyber spies are hot on the trail to steal it.

It might be wise if all these technologies were not out in the open for everyone to see and if some of this stuff were kept secret, and if enemy didn’t have any clue as to which system we’d be using where or when. See that point. Please consider all this and think on it.


Digital Marketing Services in the Heart of the City of Durgapur

The world as we say at current day scenario has turned into a digital cosmos. In each and every nook and corner, our universe is connected digitally and this situation has lead to the formation of what we today know as “digital drive”. Digital drive has bound the vast universe to surrender into one single platform in terms of communication and connectivity. onlyfreedommatters The Global Centre for Digital Transformation says or explains that change in an organizational structure is the foundation of digital business transformation”. Digitalization is transforming every aspect of human life. We are thriving in an era where mass production has been hooked by mass customization, where human intelligence has lead to the development of a totally different world that is known to be world of digitization. The global society in current day scenario is thriving in the frontiers of digital age. The form or concept of digitization has entered in almost every field including that of marketing and advertising communication process.

While talking about digitization and digital marketing it is pertinent to know what is digital marketing? To define digital marketing it can be said that it is the use of digital technology or digital platform for communicating marketing messages to targeted customers and at the same time to allow or to accept valuable opinion and feedback of customers by using the platform of digitization and digital media. Digital media keeps a scope for or provision for audience interaction. The internet can be denoted or acts as the main medium for digital marketing. It can be said that internet is the cosmos in which information is disseminated and it is through the use of our smart phones and PC s that we can get or receive access of the information being disseminated.

The best part of about today’s digital world or global media is that a person residing in a remote corner can gain accessibility to the digital world with the help of advanced technologies and innovations can reach out to the latest information. If we talk particularly about India then many metropolitan countries, as well as Suburbs, has developed a lot in terms of Information Technology and related business.

While discussing about development of Information Technology it is quite pertinent to discuss Information Technology and digital marketing that has observed a rapid growth and drastic change in the heart of the city of Durgapur. In previous decades Durgapur was considered to be a small town that had a handful of facilities for its dwellers. And people used to depend mainly on Kolkata for any major facilities like education, medical, etc. But gradually Durgapur has observed metamorphosis and has attained the contour of a mini metropolis that has achieved the tag of “Satellite town” of Kolkata. Durgapur has now become the fastest growing industrial city in the state of West Bengal. In recent times with rapid change and developmental activities, the city of Durgapur is gradually changing its status from “small city” to “Smart city”. Durgapur being very close to the “City of Joy” Kolkata has developed itself in every possible way in terms of infrastructure, healthcare sector, entertainment and amusement and it can be said in the true sense as the satellite city of the metropolitan. The smart city Durgapur is endowed with lush greenery and plenteous of space for the people to thrive in. The city of Durgapur with steadily changing scenario has gradually along with time observed the hasty development of Information Technology which has led to the development of IT related services or IT industry including that of digital marketing. The digital marketing service providers in the region of Durgapur provides an ample of opportunities and variety of related services for their clients so that they can excel in the process of communication and to disseminate proper information to their targeted audience.

The services that consist of digital marketing and that are usually offered by the service providers can be classified and segregated into some distinct types like-

· Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) – That generally helps in getting found on Google.

· PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising.

· Banner Advertising that helps to pay for banners to get visitors to your site.

· Blog creation.

· Social media handling

· E-mail marketing

· Generation of lead

· Managing online PR by publishing press releases.

· Handling consumer or customer reviews.

In an age where almost each and every kind of business is thriving in an era of digital drive, they need to understand how well to utilize the medium of digital marketing in order to reach target customers and to cut down the cost of promotion and to make an organization more supple.

Technext Technosoft Pvt ltd is a leading Web development and designing company in the heart of the city of Durgapur. The company also provides an expert service in the field of digital marketing and SEO.


The Real Fountainhead of Entertainment – Movies

We are now the proud habitats of an era of cut-throat competition and stressful lives. In such scenarios, entertainment automatically gets great importance. It does infuse a huge amount of relief into our stressful and hectic life-style.

There are innumerable modes of entertainment and fun such as music, drama, animation, movies and many more.

Human beings naturally get attracted to these fun-filled activities. Of late, movies have become the absolute means which offer total fun and entertainment to their viewers.

If we talk about the latest movies with regard to entertainment, these movies have already occupied a very dominant and inspiring position. They have also become the latest trend setters all around the globe. These movies are held in high esteem by the avid movie viewers.

Such movies are also considered as the best and cheapest source of entertainment in times of credit crunch and restricted budget.

The list of the latest movies, which are attracting the audience all over the world such as Twilight, Terminator Salvation, X-MEN Origins(Wolverine) and many more have very gripping subject and plot. These flicks have inspired the viewers all over the world by the virtues of their exciting stories.

The movie Twilight narrates a story of two teenagers, who fell in love with each other, when they were at high school. Subsequently, they got entangled in an inseparable love-bond. The love tangle later on turned out to be a very dangerous one, when the boy reveals that he is a vampire and consequently, they can not stay together, which was indigestible for them.

Precisely, the Twilight has won several accolades and laurels across the continents by dint of its marvelous and breath-taking features.

If we talk about the movie Terminator Salvation, this is a very exciting and fabulous movie, which is full of surrealism and action.

The X-MEN Origins is a spine chilling movie which describes the violent and romantic story of Wolverine’s past, a protagonist in the movie and his complex relationship with a character in the movie namely Victor Creed. This movie shows a series of familiar and unfamiliar appearances which got portrayed in a very remarkably manner so as to amaze the movie buffs.

The Day The Earth Stood Still, is a very fantastic Sci-Fi flick. Here in this movie, there is a character called Klatu whose existence on our planet creates a global upheaval. This movie is beautiful enough to strike a strong chord with the audiences.

Apart from the above mentioned movies, there are several other latest films, which are doing the rounds like the Dark Night, Hancock, Nottingham, My Fair Lady and many others.

The marvelous Dark Night movie has surpassed other contemporary movies at the movie theaters. It has also become the top grossing movie for in its very initial weekend it successfully earned an amount around of $ 155 million. Whereas Mamma Mia, another blockbuster, managed to earn 27 million dollars in the opening weekend.

The Hancock is also a blockbuster, which earned $66 million dollars in its first weekend. This movie portrays a character namely Ali, who does not care how his image is looked upon by the public. He was shown as a very happy-go-lucky kind of person.

Finally, it can be said these Latest Movies are the biggest source of entertainment throughout the world. These movies are watched quite emphatically and passionately by the viewers across the wide spectrum of society.