The Simplest Ways To Inspire People And Change Their Life

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Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart (Forgiveness Book, for Fans of Chicken Soup for the Soul… theleachlife

Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart…

Susyn Reeve

4.6 out of 5 stars 28

Soft cover


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“Through stories, contemplations and remarkable practices in this book, you will adapt precisely how to discover and keep up motivation in your every day life. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner’s incredible message is coordinated to those of us who need an accommodating update, a delicate push to open our psyches and hearts to the immense innovative likely alive in every second. It starts with settling on a cognizant decision — with saying, ‘Indeed, I pick a propelled life.'”

— My Journey with Candida

“Through the tales, reflections and special practices in this book, you will adapt precisely how to discover and keep up motivation in your day by day life.”

— New Thought Magazine

“Our potential for joy exists in ourselves. The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind’s Capacity for Joy is a moving perused from Susyn Reeve as she shares her mysteries to discovering motivation throughout everyday life, and propping that motivation up securely and carrying on with life to its fullest. With a lot to contemplate and a lot to drive ourselves forward, The Inspired Life is a solid expansion to inspirational and self improvement assortments for the individuals who need the additional lift out of life.”

— Midwest Book Review

“Reeve needs perusers to be “in soul” and in full co-imaginative organization with Sour Energy/God. Perusers are urged to settle on the decision to live a functioning, cognizant life—their life—through stories and statements that exhibit the consequences of getting to one’s mind and making new pathways to help that ideal life.”

— The Phoenix Spirit

“It’s existence based methodology which I truly preferred and discovered reviving. So regularly, books that look to rouse will in general forget about that life can be untidy once in a while. They overlook that frequently those troublesome occasions divert us in sure manners. Also, that in experiencing dull days and evenings of the spirit, we have chances to get ourselves and give unqualified love.”

— TCM Reviews

“Bravo on making a book that is important, reasonable, open and truly necessary.”

— Sue Elliott, Editor-in-Chief, Law of Attraction Magazine

“Periodically a book tags along that is so brimming with intelligence and motivation that we need to impart it to others since it talks so sublimely on the side of the human soul. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have collaborated to make simply such a brilliant, brief, and inspiring volume.”

— ForeWord Reviews

“What does “motivated” mean? In addition to other things, it implies being authentic, innovative, enthused and roused. All the things this superb, spurring book will “motivate” you to look for, and that’s just the beginning, significantly more.”

— Allen Klein, creator of Change Your Life! also, Inspiration for a Lifetime

“A motivated read – from clarifying how the mind functions, to distinguishing your most prominent snags, to depicting the fixings to make an enlivened life. Stuffed with ground-breaking ‘Propelled Life Action’ works out.”

— Dr. Blunt Bonkowski, bliss

“The Inspired Life is your own challenge to state, Yes to carrying on with an existence of enthusiasm and reason. The pages are loaded up with motivating stories, intelligence and powerful propelled life activities that transform breakdowns into advancements and light up your way to an enchanted and roused life.

— Victoria Moran, creator Creating a Charmed Life

“I’m a major fanatic of Susyn’s and Joan’s work, so was anxious to see their new book, The Inspired Life. It doesn’t frustrate. I thought that it was both rousing and instructional – an awesome mix of “why lead a propelled life” and “how to carry on with a motivated life.”

— BJ Gallagher, creator of It’s Never Too Late to be What You Might Have Been

“Motivation, sincere stories and supportive activities fill the pages of The Inspired Life by Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner. Open to any page and not exclusively will you release your psyche’s ability for more noteworthy love and delight, you will discover mouth-watering sustenance for your motivated life vision.”

— Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, writers of The Soulmate Pathand The Enchanted Birthday Book

“Susyn and Joan have made a brilliant book in The Inspired Life-clear and straightforward – that will assist you with getting your life on target bit by bit. You will feel fed and upheld en route – don’t pass up on the chance to gain from these stunning ladies!”

— Dr. Sheri Rosenthal, creator of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Toltec Wisdom

“This isn’t simply one more motivating book. It both moves and gives you the apparatuses to transform your own life into a motivation for yourself as well as other people. On the off chance that you really need to change, and are happy to take the necessary steps, The Inspired Life,” can be your exercise manual consistently.”

— Diana Daffner, creator of Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes every Day

“In The Inspired Life, Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have given the data, activities, and motivation for you to carry on with your best life – your enlivened life. By associating with your motivation, following your north star and utilizing breakdowns as entryways to breakthoughs you are ensured to pronounce, ‘I am carrying on with my roused life!'”

— David Riklan, author of

“The Inspired Life is a book I will re-visitation of over and over. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner show how you can make the adoration filled life you have consistently longed for utilizing the intensity of your brain. I am appreciative for this fundamental apparatus for positive change.”

— Nina Lesowitz, coauthor of Living Life as a Thank You and The Courage Companion

“The Inspired Life is a daily existence map with the possibility to transform you and change the world. Susyn and Joan are insightful ladies and gifted ace instructors and mentors who furnish you with the fixings that when consolidated, create boundless chance to develop and grow your ability to give and get love. Regardless of whether you know your enlivened life vision or are amidst a breakdown, or are considering what your subsequent stage is, utilizing this book offers you the way in to the existence you want.”

— Mary Angela Buffo, Owner/Director, Ananda Yoga and Wellness Center, Southampton, NY

“The incredible standards in The Inspired Life will add to the flavor and wealth of your life and assist you with focusing on ‘playing huge.'”

— Sharon Fountain, President National Association for Self-Esteem

“Feed your mind and fill your heart from the bits of knowledge gave in The Inspired Life. Joan Breiner unselfishly shares her immense experience and insight. Encouraging a week after week confidence bunch at the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, Florida she utilizes her ability rousing numerous ladies, and now with “The Inspired Life”, she enlarges the hover of the individuals who as a result of her, will encounter more certainty and inventiveness.”

— Janice Zarro Executive Director Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, Inc.

“The Inspired Life is a self-improvement experience that urges the peruser to assume liability for getting life going for them, instead of letting life transpire. This book is brimming with individual stories, magnificent statements and pragmatic exhortation with exercises to rouse upbeat living. I prescribe this book to life mentors and specialists as a guide and a blessing to the entirety of our customers.”

— Bob Younglove President, International Council for Self-Esteem

“Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have composed a fortune that permits us to haphazardly open to any page to get our every day portion of motivation and intelligence. They comprehend that carrying on with a roused life is our decision to make, and offer inspiring stories and practices that help move us towards living the best prospects of our valuable lives.”

— Katherine Woodward Thomas, creator of Calling in “The One”

“Quiet your nervousness and assume responsibility for pointless practices. A cheerful life is conceivable when you see how to utilize your psyche to advance individual harmony and bliss. In The Inspired Life, Joan and Susyn clarify in straightforward terms how your psyche functions. Through perusing the moving stories and utilizing the demonstrated Inspired Life Exercises, a delight filled life is anticipating you!”

— Dr. Eric Weinstock, Director of Florida Psychiatric Center

Assisant Professor of Psychiatry, University of S. Florida.

“The Inspired Life brings a refreshingly reasonable perspective on the every day boundaries keeping us from taking part in a motivated life. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner are giving us the keys to re-oversee our musings, sentiments, feelings, and practices. With these keys we can start to open the entryways of responsibility, boldness, and vision permitting us to acquire the motivation from inside ourselves. In the event that you are craving a daily existence brimming with inspiration, enthusiasm, and festivity where you settle on the decisions and you choose the future than Reeve and Breiner’s The Inspired Life is the venturing stone to start your excursion.

— Trevor Moawad – Director, IMG Performance Institute

“We as a whole need to carry on with a motivated life, yet it can appear to be so tricky. Susyn Reeve and Joan Breiner have deciphered the code. “Motivation” seems like something out there, yet it’s most certainly not. It’s something inside—and you and no one but you can discover it. How? The Inspired Life has everything the devices and backing you require to wake up from the daze, settle on new decisions, and redesign the product of your brain. The Inspired Life is really information in real life.”

— Janet Conner, writer of Writing Down the Soul,” and My Soul Pages,

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